I plan to use this page to tell you all bout my training programme and keep you up to date with my races.................................


I've got a lot of updating to do, so I will start with the indoor races.  Always fun and for me this Summer it was a good way of building up my confidence again and check that my knee was all sorted!  I had another exciting opportunity this Summer as I have been training at The University of Chichester as they have enrolled me on their junior strength and conditioning programme until I am 18.  The juniors involved on the programme are training to be the best they could possibly be and are aiming for Commonwealth and Olympic games.  I feel very priviliged to be amongst these athletes.  Since training at the University and having regular sessions with my osteopath I have felt my fitness come together more than ever.

Since being home I have had to return to the Osteopath and I am having to take it careful with the knee, I pushed it a little too much at the races and put back my recovery a few weeks.  It's getting better, I have been concentrating on my fitness and excercises for improving my knee.  I went skiing at Hemel on Monday and it was good to get back out there.  Training starts now for next season and hopefully it will be a more consistant season for me.

It's been a while since I have updated, It's been a very tricky season!  It was a very frustrating time for me and my family and each week I would return to the osteopath and physio in the hope they would give me the all clear to get back on my skis.  Each week I was disappointed even though I did everything I could do to improve on my injury.  The problem was the swelling and until that went down I wasn't going anywhere!  Finally, after many false hopes I went back to France after 10 weeks and put my skis on.  I had a week of freeskiing to check out the knee, which was very positive.  I was aiming for the Scottish Races in Courcheval and The British Childrens Champs in Meribel at Easter.  I didn't think my training went very well, my balance was off and I was perhaps a little cautious!  There was alot of room for improvement, but I was determined to get to the races.  My knee continued to be fine, although I continued to wear my knee brace, this seemed to give me a bit of confidence as well.  I only managed a couple of good days training before the races as I hurt my ankle, suffered concussion and the weather wasn't on my side!  At the Scottish Races in Courcheval I only completed 1 run each day, but was really happy with my 1 slalom run as I posted the second fastest time.  This provided me with positive thoughts for  The British Champs.  Day 1 British Champs, Super G training run, bib no 1 and really scared! A respectable 4th position, but vowed to go for it for the race the next day!  I had new Salomon SG skis and only had 2 hours training on them, but they were great.  The race day didn't go according to plan I had a fall on the way down and managed to keep going pulling myself  back up onto my skis (good job I had been doing my core workouts!) Although I didn't have a good position, I was happy with my time considering I had a problem on the way down.  Slalom went well, a podium position of 3rd place, although I wanted to be on the podiums, I didn't expect to be there as I had missed out on so much training.  It was a fantastic week, I was so glad to be there with all the other racers, I had missed it all so much.  Thank you to Salomon for all their Support during this time.

The season started on 15th December, I flew to Geneva and next stop was Les Houches.  It was good to be back at BSA, I had missed the mountains and snow.  Training went really well, I put everything into my training and it felt good.   I flew home for a short break over Christmas and returned on Saturday 30th December straight into training for the New Year races.  My first race was to be at the French selection races, but unfortunately I had a fall while training the day before and picked up a small injury to my knee.  I was so disapointed and spent 2 days with ice packs on my knee.  The swelling reduced and I wanted to get back on my skis.  It was the minis races so I helped out with the minis and had a few runs with some drills to see how comfortable the knee was - It felt great!  The next day I fore ran the U14's & U16's GS race to see how my knee held up in a race condition.  I was buzzing and it felt good, 2 runs and I was ready to race the following day.  In the meantime the Scottish slalom fis races were being held in Chamonix and I left the GS course in Les Houches to fore run the fis races.  The first fore run  was exhilarating and I couldn't wait to do more fore running.  Unfortunately, on the second run I hooked a gate on the steeps which caused me to spin, I caught an edge and ended up in the netting with a dislocated knee cap!  After popping my knee cap back in......................I was taken to hospital and checked out!!! Another injury to the knee and this meant I was off skis for a minimum of 3 weeks.  An unexpected visit home, back to school, plenty of physio sessions and shopping for a new helmet as my other one cracked in the crash.  Fingers crossed for the all clear to return to Les Houches next week  to prepare for the English Championships at the end of February.

During the October half term I went to Les Deux Alpes with BSA.  Even though the weather was so changeable, the snow was great and we were able to fit in alot of ski training.  My first day of GS freeskiing was tricky, I had to adjust to my new longer Salomon skis, but I can happily say that by the end of the week I felt I had made good progress with GS freeskiing and gate training.  I felt very positive with my slalom freeskiing and gate training, although I had a slight rotation of my hips and a small drive to my shoulders.  This was more prominent in my freeskiing and caused me to loose my outside ski sometimes. This would lose me time in a race, so definately need to sort it out!  There's always something I can improve on. My coaches were Ali, Lynn and Lorenzo.    Our fitness consisted of daily core sessions,  games and agility.  I was pretty happy with my fitness, but again there's always something I can improve on!

I've been back to school for a few weeks now and I have been training regularly on a Monday night at Hemel Snowcentre with my coach Jon Reidy.  The season is fast approaching and I have been improving on my fitness, introducing weights and having regular Plyometric sessions.  I have 1 day off a week from fitness and training.  During October half term I am going away with BSA to Les Deux Alpes for a week and will be putting on my new Salomon GS and SG skis for the first time - I can't wait! 

After arriving home from Landgraaf, the next day I went on a kayaking trip to Wales for 4 days.  It was hard work with alot of paddling and combating the rapids.   This is another great way to slot in some fitness training but also having an awesome time with my friends and coaches from the kayaking club.

I was lucky enough to go to Landgraaf with BSA for 5 days at the end of August, I had a brilliant time on the tricky icy conditions.  It was a very beneficial camp as always, working hard on drills and courses and getting to grips with my technique.

My usual fitness programme was put on hold for 4 days and replaced with a camping trip.  I had all good intentions of putting on my trainers and doing some squats down by the sea, but surfing was alot more fun!  4 days of  non stop surfing in the morning and body boarding in the afternoon.  The weather wasn't great, but when you're in the water most of the day in a wetsuit it doesn't matter anyway.   This was definately helpful with my balance and core and my surfing definately improved!  

Zermatt, BSA - amazing!  It meant very early starts to get the best of the snow, but it was well worth it to ski on the best Summer training glacier in Europe.  As if this wasn't enough, we were skiing alongside National teams and World Cup skiers.  We even had Marcel Hirscher  (last years overall World Cup Champion) ask if he could train on our course for a day.  Chemmy Allcott met with us for a question and answer session giving us an insight into what it takes to become a British World Cup Skier.  The camp involved freeskiing, technical training and gates.  We were also really lucky to have access to the kickers and half pipe at the freestyle park.  This training was all part of building confidence and balance.  I certainly came away from there feeling more confident.  Most importantly, my new pretty Salomon slalom skis were amazing!  Although I had used and connected well with them on indoor snow and having gone up a size, I didn't know how they would handle on longer pistes and varied terraines.  They were dynamic and we worked well together.

I am training at Hemel fortnightly for 3-4 hours and my next  snow camp will be at the end of July  in Zermatt and then at the end of August I have an indoor snow camp in Landgraaf, Holland both camps will be with BSA and will round off my Summer holidays nicely!  I am so lucky to be able to have this opportunity and really appreciate the amount of support I get from everyone.
Fitness is going well, I take part in a huge range of sports activities;  Athletics, rounders, stoolball, trampolining and general fitness at home.  This time of year is great for kayaking and I am a member of the Chichester Youth Wing Canoe Club, we meet up on Wednesdays and paddle for 2 hours on the canal.  This is great for my balance and core, but is also such good fun.  Living near the beach is another great advantage as I can get the surf board out ,  although the weather is so unpredictable!
A new year and now in the second year of Children 2 and so badly missing the snow.   After the British Champs, I came home and had a rest week and just ate, drank so much water, stretched and slept!  Then it was back to light fitness, moving onto moderate fitness and then ski training at Hemel started after a ski break of 3 weeks.  I am very grateful to Salomon for their continued support and delighted to have their support for the next 2 years, I look forward to supporting them as much as they support me.  I am on new longer 155 skis and have new boots. Apart from the skis being pretty, they are awesome and I can't wait to see what they  can do for me on the real stuff!  I went to Solutions for feet for my ski boots to be fitted, which is really important as it helps with my performance and connection with my skis. 

The British Children's Championships started on the Tuesday following on straight from the Scottish Races.  First discipline was Super G, I felt incredibly nervous in the start gate as I hadn't completed a Super G race due either to crashing or cancelled events and I felt I had improved alot in training in SG and this was my chance!  I could have taken the A net turn a bit straighter, I kept thinking of absorbing and extending over the rollers determined not to end the race like last year!  As I came into Panorama my line was too straight and lost some speed for the final section and when I came through the finish I couldn't believe I was in the lead.  After waiting for  all the girls to complete the course and realising I had won the SG, this was one of my happiest moments in skiing.  This was meant to have been the training day for the SG, but because the weather deteriorated so much over night, the following day only saw 6 of us girls complete the course before they cancelled it.  The run was ridiculously bumpy, but I felt I had more speed and had a better line and when the race was cancelled I was 1st.  In this situation, the training run becomes the Championship race. 
Slalom................Well, this was very eventful!  After finishing 15th in the first run due to soft snow and I dug my skis into the snow too aggressively and they skidded away, my skis hit the bottom of the gate and then I managed to swing my legs behind and keep in the course.  I had alot of making up to do in the second run!  I knew I had nothing to lose and just threw myself down the course,  with an aim of finishing top 10. I finished top 4 just missing out on the podium, but incredibly pleased with my improvement, but maybe not with my technique!!!
GS......................Not the best end to the season, I wasn't  getting close enough to the gates, so decided to get closer, unfortunately this resulted in me getting my arm caught underneath a GS panel which swung me around making me stop and  resulted in a considerable amount of pain.  I finished the course 5 seconds behind the 1st place, but this was an end to my season and a visit to the local medical centre.   Considering how much I have achieved this season, although disappointing, I have had a great season. 
I arrived in Meribel on the Saturday ready for races to start on the Sunday in Courcheval.  We were up very early leaving the apartment at 06.15, the weather was very good with great snow conditions first thing in the morning and then turning slushy in the afternoon.  Race 1 was not good, falling in the slalom at the 3rd gate falling on my inside ski, this was disapointing but with the runs of the Scottish races being seperate, I still had run 2 ahead of me.  In run 2 I was late on the Banana gate and lost a bit of speed which left me late in the next section but I managed to collect my speed in the hairpin and achieved a 1st place which I was very happy with.  The next day in GS, run 1 was not to bad, although I lost my outside ski on the first roller and on the 2nd run I took the banana gate too late and had to skid back in, considering this I was happy to make a podium with 3rd place in each run.
My focus is now for the Scottish Races in Courcheval and The British Championships in Meribel, training with BSA in Les Houches.  It's been a long season and one that I have embraced.  School is going really well and life is great!  There should be live timing for the British Championships, a link can be found at or watch this space and I will put the link up.  Wish me luck!
Aiglon College Cup, Villars, Switzerland.  An early start and a great couple of days - 1st overall female in slalom even though I had a problem on my 2nd run and had to correct myself massively.  GS, it was going well and then it wasn't!  The 2nd run though just felt like everything I have been training all season came together and it felt so good. I just need to bring this to every race!
The 22nd Inter Schools Ski Challenge was again held in Les Houches, France.  The weather was absolutely gorgeous, blue skies, high temps but soft snow.  Fortunately, the organisation was so good and with the help of volunteers the courses were maintained so well that we could all get the best from the snow.  Slalom was the first racing day for the girls on the Grand Bois piste,  a happy 1st overall result.  I let myself down in the GS, misread the course and had alot of catching up to do on the second run.  I felt that the top section of the 2nd run was fast and was happy with this, but I caught an edge  and that was that!  Lesson of the day - Focus, Focus and Focus!
Topolino was as always awesome, although I didn't get the results I was hoping for, the experience of being there with The Children's Team is great, we have some great Athletes and I am proud to be part of their team.  Skiing amongst the best Athletes in the World and having them in my age group for another 2 years, I know what I have to do to be up amongst them.  Although the results weren't good, I felt that I have come along way this season in my training and everything just needs to click together at the same time.  My Salomon skis are working for me so well I just want to reflect this in my results.  Hard work, determination and fitness here I come! 
Slovenia....................Not my best contribution to the Children's Team, think I will just learn from the experience and focus on my other races!
It's been a great few days at the English Alpine Champs  in Bormio, my Salomon skis worked amazingly well and it all worked for me on the day!  I am off to Slovenia straight from the GS races, it'll take 6 hours by road where I will train with the Children's Team over the next 2 days and race on Saturday and Sunday.  Hopefully, after these races in Slovenia, I can fill in the gaps on my training page.
My next races are on the 26th/27th January at the Welsh Championships in Champery, Switzerland.  Then the World Cup comes to Les Houches on 3/4/5 February, can't wait to watch that and be among the amazing  atmosphere! 
It's school time now at BSA, this means we ski train Monday - Friday mornings with school in the afternoons 1.30-5 and have fitness after school.  Saturdays is a day off and Sunday is all day school.   We also have to prep our skis everyday that we ski and have video and training feedback.  It's a full programme, but I wouldn't want it any other way. 
Day 2 Slalom race, thumb protection in place, but still managed to bash it on the way down on the 1st run.  Not a great 2nd run, difficulty pole planting,  getting late for the gates and a problem on the last set of gates put me into 2nd place.  All things considered, I am glad I raced and I achieved some good results.
Day 1 was the GS race, It was a good decision to race.  The weather was  lovely but the snow was quite soft and this meant 'ruts'!  Run 1, I was so happy to have completed the course and was 1st place, unfortunately early on in run 2 I got bumped out of rut.  Although  I was really disapointed, I felt my confidence come back from the 1st run.
3 days at home for Christmas and then back to BSA for training and the next set of races, The Anglo Scottish Cup.  We had some great weather and some not so great weather and more snow which is always good but the timing can usually be a pain!  3 days before the race I fell on my thumb, this time it was the top half of my thumb and it was thought it may be broken.  It seemed ok though, and although it was fat and blue/purple, I was able to carry on training.  The day before the races, I fell on my thumb again, I was now really worried about falling on it again.  I talked with my coach and parents and I was thinking about missing the races to give my thumb time to heal.  But I didn't feel happy with this decision either!  By this time the plaster cast had come off and so we went to the Pharmacie, they suggested a thumb protector which straps around the wrist and has a metal plate up along the thumb.  Not the most comfortable thing in the world, but if it protected my thumb.........
The day before the BARSC Championships I fell and tore my thumb ligament and had to be taken to a hospital in Italy.  They put a plastercast halfway up my thumb and around the wrist to stop my thumb wiggling around uncontrolably, by setting it with the help of my pole meant I was still able  to hold my pole while skiing.  I borrowed a ski glove from a coach and was ready to ski!  Naturally, the injury interfered with my pole plant and I was worried how much it would hurt if I knocked it on a gate.  After all that though, a good result in the slalom (2nd) and the GS (3rd).  Thanks to Sean Langmuir and BSA for their help at the hospital.
My season started today 10th December giving me some training time before the first races in Champoluc.  Training with BSA in Les Houches, we had kept our fingers crossed for snow as it was getting closer to the races and not alot of snow in sight!  When the snow fell, it kept falling and we had amazing powder days - not great for gate training but fun and a great fitness workout!
 27th November - 4th December Speed camp with the British Children's Ski Team, Hintertux, Austria.  This week was extremely valuable, I went away feeling that slalom was my favourite discipline and not great feelings about Super G, but came back from this camp so much more confident with my GS and a confidence in Super G I didn't think I would ever have. 
My other interest is kayaking, this started as just another option for core training, 2 hours each week with The Chichester Youth Canoe Club.  But, I have just got back from the most exhausting weekend ever in Devon with the club and had the most amazing experience with white water rafting.  2 days of great upper body workouts and alot of fun.  Life is great! 
October Half term 2011, Les Deux Alpes with the British Ski Academy,  what can I say?  Another really valuable week  training on real snow.   We didn't let the 2 days of bad weather interfere and cracked on with some full on fitness.  My ankle was absolutely brilliant in my ski boot, but high impact fitness was still a problem sometimes, and  avoided for the time being.  This didn't matter as there were plenty of excercises I could do and an excercise bike on hand when I wasn't able to participate.  My new 175 Salomon GS skis were all prepped and ready to go, I really connected with them and can't wait for the speed camp in Hintertux with the British Childrens Ski Team to put them on again!  Always room for improvement, but I felt very happy with my performance during this week and look forward to taking what I have learnt to the next camp and beyond. 
Frant Place, British Children's Ski Team Fitness camp.  Unfortunately, I wasn't able to complete the camp as I picked up an injury to my lateral ligament.  My foot and ankle were not a pretty sight and a distinct purple colour!   This was not going to interfere with my fitness training, so I followed the instructions from the physio with regards to my foot/ankle and concentrated on my core/abs and swam.  This was a very frustrating time but I kept focusing on being fit for the camp with BSA at half term. 
Landgraaf, Holland 22nd - 26th August,  Europes largest indoor ski resort!  5 days of hard training both on the snow and off with the BSA.  My first experience of Snowworld and a definate to do again.  A trip to the local hospital to get  stitches put into my thumb wasn't part of the plan, but that'll teach me to sharpen my skis without wearing protective gloves!  That didn't stop me though, the next day I was back on the slope, the only difference was I had to wear my coach Ali's ski glove (Thanks Ali).
I have just arrived home from the 2011 British Children's Ski Team, 12 day Summer training camp in Saas Fee, Switzerland.   It was a great experience for me and I feel it was extremely valuable and that I have improved in all aspects of my skiing.  We were very fortunate to have skied every day with a rest day in the middle.   At the start of the camp, the weather was very warm with little wind, the snow conditions were not ideal but it was valuable to train in these conditions.  We focused alot on our fitness, with long afternoon fitness sessions after our mornings of ski training.  After our rest day, the conditions improved greatly which meant we took on 4 valuable days of gates in perfect conditions with hard snow and decent temperatures.  This proved challenging at first to adjust to the different conditions but personally,  I prefer hard snow conditions and was ready for the challenge!
 During the camp I was lucky enough to meet alot of people and had the pleasure of going up the lift with Dominique Gisin and Anja Paerson.  We were training alongside many World cup teams and it was incredible to see these skiers at work. 
It was  the Salomon Southern Race Series at Southampton and the Southampton Club National,  I really enjoyed racing on the Saturday with SRSA, but because of a four day training camp the following week with Ambition Racing at Hemel, I  had a rest day on the Sunday in preperation for it.  The camp was packed full with skiing and fitness and by the end of the week, I felt I had been given some valuable input and able to put this to good practice.
The Team Evolution week was great, 3 days of fitness, drills, gates and racing on the last day.  Ed Drake was there to offer advice and gave us a talk on the Winter Olympics.   It was a very intense programme, but also so much fun.  A weekend of racing followed the camp, Saturday I was 3rd Female overall and recieved a voucher and a helmet bag from the Sponsors of the Hemel Club National - Snow and Rock.  On the Sunday, I was again 3rd Female overall after having a huge problem on the 2nd run!   
The Inter-Regional Races at Gloucester were so much fun, I skied with a great team from ERSA and we won!  Luckily I raced at Brentwood in the LSERSA Summer Series which prepared me for the races on the Sunday. 
 On Sunday 26th June I had a really great day at the Hemel ERSA race, I came 1st overall girl and won the bursary for the Team Evolution camp on 12th 13th and 14th July.  Looking forward to that, thank you Team Evolution!
I always really enjoy the Salomon Summer Race Series and on the 18th June it was the 3rd one held at Christchurch.  I do find it very different skiing on the dry slope compared to snow, but it's still skiing and I love it!  Another good thing about the day was trying out my new Salomon Boots and I moved up to longer salomon skis.   My boots were  alot stiffer but were amazing and they connected with my skis really well - Another happy day.
This weekend was very hectic!!! On Saturday 12th I went to Brunel University with the British Children's Ski Team for a fitness and test day.  This was an opportunity to ensure I am on track with my fitness - look forward to getting my results back so I know what I need to concentrate more on.  After the fitness day in Uxbridge, I was invited to attend an awards ceremony for the Chichester District Youth Sport Achievement Awards 2011.  I collected  a silver award for qualifying to run for my school in a county cross country competition, Gold award for my achievements in skiing and my best award was for Outstanding Sports Performance of the Year Award.  I was so happy!  Sunday morning was another early start and it was off to  Milton Keynes for the Grand Prix Series, this was my first indoor race of the summer.  The first run was ok, unfortunately I lost my outside ski at one point and although it was minor, it meant after the first run I was 2nd in my age group, 5th overall.  I was looking forward to the next run, but I couldn't improve amd  ended up 3rd in age and 7th overall, disapointing, but a good day and another medal.
On Saturday 4th June I was at Southampton dry slope for the 2nd race in the SRSA Salomon Summer Race Series, I came 1st in my age group and had alot of fun.  There is always some exciting racing and it's great to catch up with my friends.
During the May/June half term, I spent 4 days at a  training camp at Hemel Snow Centre with Ambition, It's always good to get some extra time on snow and  I had a great time with technical drills, fitness, timed runs and synchronized skiing!!!
I have had a month off with some light fitness work and now I am back training with Hemel Ski Racing Club every Monday night and concentrating on my fitness throughout the Summer. 
After Topolino, it was back to BSA for training and school in preperation for the last races of the season.  I had a couple of days off as I was really tired and then I was back training on the pistes in Les Houches.
The Scottish Championships started well although the weather was warm and the snow was soft and fluffy, not ideal, but I just had to adapt my skiing to the conditions of the snow. It was a good win in the 2 Slalom races 1st in age and 2nd overall.  The next day in the GS was not so great, 5th in CH1, very disapointing but that's what happens when you decide to do the splits at the banana gate while travelling down the course!! It was that outside ski again!  The British Children's Championships started with the Super G and an amazing crash, just waiting for the pictures from Neil at Racerready! The next Super G was cancelled the following day, so we had some slalom training and kept our fingers crossed the snow wouldn't melt too much more.  Slalom at the British Children's Championships, along with Topolino were  the races I had been working towards all season, but I finished the British with a podium 2nd place, I wasn't skiing at my best and was very disapointed.  In the GS the next day I had another podium finish this time 3rd.  After I waded through the slush to the podium, the prizes were given out by The Earl of Wessex, Prince Edward and he had a chat with us on the podium.   It's been a full race packed season and I have achieved so much, but there is so much more I want to achieve.  Thank you to all my sponsors and everyone that has supported me this season.  
50 Trofeo Topolino event was the most amazing experience, The British Children's Ski Team carried a large Union Jack, there were balloons and fireworks for the opening ceremony.  The weather was not so great and the 1st day was cut short because of the rain, the 2nd day was better and we got in some good GS runs.  the first CH1 race was GS, I had a problem with my inside ski and it knocked into my outside ski making me go off line and I finished in 26th position.  The Slalom race was awesome, I had a really good top section and as i went onto the steep I got back seat and when I entered the hairpin I shot out off line from the 1st gate and had to cut back in to make the 2nd gate, I had alot of speed to make up but finished in 5th postition!!  My 2nd run wasnt so great  and I finished the slalom race in 9th position.  The British Children's Ski Team had some great results in Topolino.
Travelling to Italy today (Tuesday 15th March) to take part in Trofeo Topolino!
Over half-way through the season and still having such a great time, I have completed my first race of the season with The British Childrens Ski Team.  I didn't have my best races in Slovenia and was very disapointed, but all I can do is learn from the experience.  After the closing ceremony in Slovenia,  I travelled to Bormio (Thank you Team Evolution for the lift).  It was a late night and I was racing the next day but although I didn't ski as well as I had hoped, I had a good result in my age category.  After the GS race on the Wednesday of half-term I travelled home in order to prepare for a week back at school, collecting more school work to take back with me and catch up with my friends and family.  It was a really nice week and then it was back on the plane to Les Houches for some training before going to the Trofeo Topolino races in Italy with the British Children's Ski Team.  Yesterday (Monday 14th March), I took part in the Slalom race at the Inter Schools Ski Challenge which was a win overall, which I was totally happy with.  
One of the highlights of my year so far was being in Les Houches for the Khandahar World Downhill Ski Championships which is one of the main sporting events in the Chamonix Valley and takes place every 2 years.  The atmosphere was amazing and I did alot of autograph hunting!
I am still in Les Houches with the BSA, still having a great time! My day changes now as it is term- time, so I have a full morning of skiing and then back for lunch and time to prepare for school.  I have school 3 hours in the afternoon and all day Sunday.   My teachers from my school in UK have set me work and the BSA teachers are able to liase with my school teachers should they need to.  After school, I pepare my skis for the following day by waxing and sharpening them.  This week I had the best day ever (well, one of them) we went to La Vormaine in Le Tour-still in the Chamonix valley, but it was where I learnt to ski.   It was a racing day amongst the BSA Athletes.  It was so much fun. 
My winter season has started, training started on Saturday 11th December in Les Houches, France with the BSA. My first training week was for 11 days living in at the BSA.  We spent the first week  bombing around Les Houches freeskiing with Ali - BSA coach, and went off to Courmayeur, Italy for a day which was great fun.  I found this extremely valuable and it gave me a great opportunity to find out what I could do on my GS and Slalom Skis.   I returned home to spend Christmas with my family, and then we travelled back to Les Houches on Boxing Day.  The days leading up to the race involved intense training, I put all my effort into it and just concentrated on the feedback from my coaches Lynn and Ali, along with the words - Embrace your Speed! All my preparation and coaches advice paid off and prepared me greatly for my first races of the season.  I was so pleased with my results (they are on the results page). 
In October Half-Term I went to Les Deux Alpes with The British Ski Academy, the weather was great with plenty of snow and sun and you can see some videos from the camp at the BSA Training October 2010 page.  It was a week packed full of slalom and GS training.  I had a great time and I can't wait for the races in the fast approaching Winter season.  
1st - 14th AUGUST 2010
 I had a fantastic time with the team in Saas Fee, even though the weather was against us which meant our skiing time was limited.  This meant fitness training was increased.  I was introduced to volleyball -  which was great fun but I won't be swapping from skiing to volleyball!  We did alot of running and hiking and I was really pleased I had done alot of fitness before I went.  The skiing was amazing, it was the first time I had used my Salomon GS skis and I loved them.  I am really looking forward to my next training camp and Winter Season. 
What a weekend!!!  Saturday was the Ed Drake Invitational 2010 at Hemel, which was brilliant fun, loads of team racing and the evening ended with a 1 run GS course.  I had a great team, but unfortunately we got knocked out in the first heats of the knockouts after winning 4 out of 5 races to get there.  So, I was well and truly warmed up for the GS race - I was the 2nd fastest female and really pleased with my time.  I had an early start Sunday morning for the Hemel Grand Prix.  The snow caused me a problem in the first run, which meant I had to push as it slowed me down, but I was really pleased with my second run and with my times added together gave me a great overall female position of 4th.  A great weekend of racing.
I recently went to Profeet in Fulham to have my new Salomon X3-Jr ski boots  fitted.  It was really interesting and I didn't realise how important it was to make sure my ski boots were set up especially for me.   They improved my stance and felt great.  Thank you Profeet. 
On 27th June I  joined the British Children's Ski Team at the Brunel University for fitness testing and training.  I was really pleased because I felt that my fitness had improved, with my fitness improving I feel stronger with my skiing.
The SRSA Summer series was at Southampton on 19th June, Southampton is where I started race training with Southampton Alpine Club and Southampton Area Ski Association.  It was a fun day packed with loads of racing.
In August, I am going to a Summer training camp in SAAS FEE, Switzerland  with the British Children's Ski Team for 2 weeks. 
On Saturday 29th May I raced at Christchurch in the SRSA Summer series with a postition of 1st place in my age category 11-12 yrs female and then went to Watford and Hemel Hempstead for a fitness training session and ski training session with the BSA (British Ski Academy).  I was able to use my new SALOMON LAB JNR SLALOM 151 skis which were AMAZING.
I have just completed my first fitness camp with the British Children's Ski Team, this took place in Tunbridge Wells  (22-23 May).  The weather was fantastic and we had a weekend of packed activities.  The fitness tests included hurdles, crunches, sit ups, press ups and sprinting.  We also played tennis and went swimming.   Ed Drake was among our trainers, supporting and encouraging us.  It was hard work, but fun as well and I have learnt alot about my strengths and weaknesses.  I am looking forward to the next BCST fitness camp to see if my fitness has improved.